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Don't worry Tufty!


Roy from Omlet clipped Babs' wing, then gave me Laverne and Shirley and a pair of scissors and said 'there you go'!!!!


If you pull the wing out, you will see a row of smaller feathers over lapping the flight feathers. Just cut along this line. It doesn't hurt them. Its just like clipping your finger nails!


good luck

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Once you have taken the plunge you will see how easy it is. Although some of my slimmer youngsters still seem to be able to jump up quite high! They always seem to find something to hop onto and then up again even higher and one loves being in the low branches of a tree in their pen and tries to roost there at night. It is quite a stretch getting her down although she is very placid and is quite happy letting me reach for her and put her back in the eglu. I think she just likes to see me struggle. :lol::roll:

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Hello Tuftywatts, Im glad you asked this question as it saves me having to.


Nice link on the clippping by the way.


Is it best to do this in the evening when they are a bit more placid and drousy? IE get them out of eglu and give them a hair cut?


When are omlet going to add a spell checker cos I really need it :lol:

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Hi. The Omlet chap clipped the wings on my first hens but left one hen for me to do whilst he held it. It was really easy.


But then I got a new chook only last week and I'm undecided whether to clip her wing or not. She flys out of the others way when they pick on her and they can't follow. So I half thought I would not clip it just yet. Then, I found out just how high she can get. If you look at my post from yesterday "My chooks....and me...." you'll see my picture of her when she flew onto my back...

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