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Eggy Bread

Woo Hoo First Egg!

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Well I thought I'd just let you know that after nearly 5 weeks, Delia laid her first egg yesterday :D . We had almost forgotton that they would eventually lay so it was a lovely surprise!


It was a lovely golden colour and tasted really scrummy. We had it scrambled so only got about two mouthfuls each as it was quite small but it was perfectly formed! :lol:


Well done Delia and here's hoping to many more!! :D

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Thanks guys!


Got home yesterday evening to discover she had laid again! :D

I know it's only early days but I had thought it might take her a while to get into a routine.


They have brightened our lives up immensely with their funny little characters, I definitely wouldn't be without them now. I just think of each egg as an extra little gift from them! 8)

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