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OK, I know it's a weird one, but does anyone know anything about goats? We saw the most adorable pygmy goats last week (I WANT ONE, WAAAA), and neither of us know what the little dangly things on their lower jaw are called - they look like little furry wattles.


Answers on a postcard, please (now, where've I heard that before? :D )

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I used to help look after goats at the smallholding near where I grew up. They are lovely - but -

will escape very easily - need colditz type fencing

need to get pregnant every year or so to keep in milk and you can have problems with any little boys that get born - if you sell them at market they will go for halal slaughter so best to have them slaughtered humanely yourself and eat them - delicious

they need much more looking after than hens

they eat everything and anything


but - the milk and meat are fantastic and you'll never get bored with a goat (well really you should have at least 2 :D )


ps A castrated male could make a lovely pet

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One of my daughters is called Martha. A friend of her older sister's went home and told her mother 'Rebecca's little sister is called Arthur'. The mother queried both the sex and the name, but the girl was adamant she was a girl called Arthur!

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Thanks for the replies; I would really love a goat, but it's just not practical and I don't have the time/land.


Still haven't found out what the little 'hanging down watlle type things' are though - any ideas?


Harry (smallholder) used to call them 'lugs' but I'm pretty sure that isn't the proper name.

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