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How is it going? What did the vet say?

Guinea pigs seem quite prone to lumps, some can be tumours, others are harmless sebaceous cysts that are easily removed and the guinea recovers quite well if he/she is healthy to start with...

I hope all goes well....

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Hiya! Hope your guinea pig has got over it's lump!


My guinea pig formed one of these lumps and after a trip to the vet we were told is was an abscess! It would be advisible to take a trip yourself (if you haven't already gone) they can subscribe the best treatment.

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This reply is old I know but thought I would reply anyway in case anyone else has simialr problems.

guinea Pig teeth are constantly growing and they need to graze/eat constantly to keep them down.The lump could be due to teeth rubbing the cheek and can be serious as if the Guinea wont eat, they can go down hill very quickly. At first sign of trouble go to a good vet who knows about Piggies

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