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Pasta problem

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There is a new Jamie Oliver recipe I want to cook next week for Baked pasta with tomatoes & mozzerella, which uses a dried pasta called Orecchiette.

I have never heard of it, & it is not in my local Tesco (although the big one in Reading may have it)

Does anyone know what it looks like, basic shape & size, so I can replace it with something else if needs be?

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Isn't this a brilliant forum, you can find out about just about anything, from chickens and their quirks to pasta, chocolate, white digestives and big pants (just to pick on a few of the wide variety of recent topics) :)

Fantastic 8)

Oh, and well done Kate finding that pasta, I recognised the name, might even have seen the same recipe, but couldn't remember what it looked like :roll:

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I found the Pasta in Tesco (Finest range) ,& it was strange old stuff....sort of "rough" looking,so I was a bit dubious about using it.

However, I made the dish last night AND IT WAS FANTASTIC!

Really simple, just layers of the pasts, a really good tom & fresh basil sauce & slices of buffalo mozzerella all baked in the oven so the cheese goes all yummy & melty.

Certainly be cooking it agian!

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