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are they eating their layers pellets?

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bonjour tout le monde!


i'e had Rose and Nessa for 9 days now, and i realise how boring my garden was before they came into it!


one thing though:


they don't seem to eat much of their pellets...

at least a little, that am sure,

but, it doesn't go as fast as described on this website,

and when i came out today to give them a treat,

they devored it as if they were starving.


should i be worried?


how much pellets do you serve in the morning?

how often do you serve them?




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They will always scoff treats like they are starving - don't be fooled :shock::lol:


They do it as they will worry that the other chooks will get it before them :roll:


Mine eat more when they are laying so if your girls aren't laying yet they may not be eating as much :?

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