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Visit from Fox - no harm done

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I would put those extra pieces on: they are really important if you want to keep foxes and rats away (unless of course your Eglu is on slabs, in which case you can probably do without them).


As for letting-out time, hens do get used to waiting. I let mine out at 7am on the dot every day. On the rare occasions I have tried to let them out earlier, they refuse to come out, even though it is daylight.


This is the hardest time of year for people who lock the Eglu at night, as it gets light so early and dark so late. In winter, 8am is sometimes too early for the hens, and they can be locked away at any time from 4pm.

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Gallina, thanks for posting about the extra pieces, I hadn't realised they were available. Our Eglu and run is on fairly soft ground and we have recently moved it to the top end of our garden, the furthest point from the house, as we are having some work done in the garden.


Since moving the hens we have had regular visits from the fox, and this weak spot by the Eglu is where it digs. We have covered the area with bricks and tree stumps and heavy plant pots, but I think the extra mesh will put my mind at rest a bit more.


As infrequent as the fox attacks have been for other Eglu owners (thankfully!), loosing hens to a fox is devastating, however few times it has happened, and I wouldn't want to go through it and neither would my hens.

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It took me ages to get hold of those pieces: originally no one at Omlet seemed to know what I was talking about, even though the new Mark 2 Eglus have had them for months.


In the end I had to order a Cube just so that I could get them :wink: Even then they got tired of me reminding them on the phone about the extra small bits I wanted included in my order, and they went to get them and stuck them with my delivery there and then to shut me up.


Johannes said that these extra bits of mesh are going to appear in the shop "shortly". But if you are ordering anything else from Omlet, it is probably worth trying to get them thrown in.

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:lol: Just being chickens, I'm sure! 7.30 is fine, far better to have a time that suits you, but still gives them a good long day.


Previously when I was locking them in they were let out between 7.30 and 8.30 (at weekends). Since they stay out until late they often nap in the afternoon and so they do still have a long enough day out of the eglu.


So a SAFE regular routine should be good for all concerned.


Thanks, H


Yeah, even if you dont open the door till 8am - they still get a good 12 hours of daylight/and freeranging. So they'll be fine.


Its just us isnt it....we're the one's who feel guilty !! :oops::lol:

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I think that when the chickens are in the run and eglu they are pretty safe. Nothing is 100%. Foxes are b****rs and we have them all the time in the garden. I have thought of Foxwatch but I have two dogs and three cats so don't think I can use it because of them. Chickens, bless them, are also amazingly dim regarding foxes. Years ago I had an ark with a couple of chickens and a rabbit (!). They co-habited extremely well (except it ended up with me getting the rabbit castrated as he got too friendly with them! :roll:. But one day I saw a fox running round the ark in the middle of the day and the chickens just ran round in circles making a lot of noise whereas the rabbit ran upstairs and hid!

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