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WOO HOO - I've got a date for delivery of my cube

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Edit Buffie - Excited for you and thought you'd like to share this in the eglu and cube section of the forum, everyone can join in the fun.


21st June - can't wait. Just went online to a local animal feed supplier and ordered all their bits (OH says it's too soon, but I couldn't help myself).


Green Cube and 4 girls arriving - too excited, but am at work so have to try to appear professional (why bother now!!).


Just got to get a roof and a door on their run and we are ready for them.


Will keep you all posted and will no doubt flood the forum with loads of questions when they arrive.


A very excited KeymerKim


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I've just ordered a purple Cube (to go with my 3 year old yellow Eglu). I've been given the date of 23rd July. I hope it doesn't get moved as I've got 8 new girls coming over the following 6 weeks, the first two on 28th July at the latest!


I'm sure you will love your Cube when it arrives. Our Eglu has been just great and the girls have been fantastic. We only have one now as Doris went to the Eglu in the sky last Monday. I'm sure Georgy is feeling upset - its just that she doesn't show any sign of noticing that shes now alone!

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