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my first eggs!

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i was gone to a wedding this weekend and it was really difficult to leave the girl alone for the first time!!


when we came back today: surprise!!! Not one egg, but TWO!!!


my problem now is: which one laid which egg?

it shouldn't really matter but i would like to know...


one of the eggs was a bit darker than the other one.


How can i find out which one lays which egg?


Anyway, we ate our first home produced egg as soldier eggs, with home made bread and home grown salad!

fan-tas-tic dinner!! yes yes


Bisou a tous!



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Congratulations on the first eggs.


Two of my 4 girls are laying and I had a good idea which one was first as she was very fat and much bigger than the rest. But I hadn't actually seen them go inside the nesting box until a few days ago. And now I know definately that Henny and Amber (the 2 gingernuts) are laying. But it has taken me weeks and weeks to work that out.

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Couperwife - interesting bit of info. Never heard that one before. I have always managed to work it out after a few eggs. Then it is easy as you recognise the eggs from each chicken. Also they seem much more confident when they start laying :roll:

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We only picked up are hens yesterday but what a surprise to find a perfect small white egg laying in wait for us this morning. We knew it was from Dasiy as she's the only white layer. Then to our amazement after lunch a small pale brown egg. We assume this is from Delia as Darcy has a very pink comb and the others are both red. The children are thrilled and after carefully washing them they drew a picture on each one along with the date. We are not allowed to eat them until Daddy comes home I am told. . . can't wait to try them.

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