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beach chick

when when when little hen?

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my girls are 20 weeks old tomorrow. Paris and Mercedes have got red patches on their faces, and reddish combs. Tara and Chardonnay are still a bit paler.

no one is doing anything helpful like crouching down when I go near, or looking in the least bit thoughtful (I imagine they do look thoughtful when about to produce?


they are eating layers pellets, plus the odd bit of cooked veg I chuck their way and whatever they can forage while freeranging (bugs & slugs I guess). plus a small handful of corn about tea time most days.


WHEN are they going to lay me an egg?

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When they're ready! Keep looking out for the signs. :)


My PP was much later than the GNRs, but the same age. Hens are lovely to have anyway. :D

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Hi Beach Chick,


The Omlet leaflet says their chickens are supplied at "POL" 18wks old. But I'm guessing that this is an approximation and they may be slightly different ages even though they look similar sizes when they are that young.


I'm basing this theory (or guess) on that fact that my Omlet girls arrived on 12 April. The first laid 4 days later. The second laid after 5 weeks. The third laid her first egg just last Saturday - 7 weeks after arrival.


Incidentally, my new chook I bought to replace one that died, was supplied as "POL" by an agent but he said she was only 14 weeks old.


So fingers crossed, could be soon or could be a bit of a wait. But worth waiting for when it happens.

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I suspect that at busy times (i.e. spring/early summer) Omlet get short of point-of-lay hens and have to distribute younger ones.


I also suspect that they give each customer an older hen and a younger one: this has happened to me twice with both my Omlet deliveries.


My new Omlet Pepperpot who came with the Cube has laid an egg every day since last Sunday; but my Gingernut hasn't even got a comb yet.

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My new girls arrived on May the 4th and started laying (albeit very small eggs) three weeks later so they were about 20 weeks old. I now have three eggs in varying sizes (I've had Souffle for six months) every day.


Dont worry, they will start laying soon :lol:

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