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bantam or fowl?

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Hi, again we are getting some chickens in a few weeks (yay!) but the problem is what do we get bantam or fowl? i wanted some big fowl but all the ones i have seen and liked (on the internet) have been bantams. it doesnt matter about space because we have orderd an eglu cube so there is plenty of room for any of them.


i would really like plenty of peoples opinion so feel free to post!


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Bantams!! Large fowl come in bantam size - I've got three Marans, two Rhode Island Red, a New Hampshire Red and a Light Sussex, oh and a Bitza and an Old English Game.


The benefits ..... you can have more of them, the eggs are mostly yolk, they eat less and make much less mess.


No contest.


OK - battle lines drawn :lol:

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I have only got Bantams so can't comment too much on larger chickens.


First the pros


Bantams are quite small which means you can get more of them in an Eglu :D

They do not eat so much which means you can afford to feed more of them :D

Apparentely they do not destroy gardens as much are larger chickens (mine do not free range as they have a large pen so somone will have to confirm or deny this)

The yolks of their eggs are the same size as a larger Chickens egg :D

There are lots of different breeds and colours to choose from :D

They can lay for many years :D




Now the cons


Bantams will probably stop laying in the Winter months, so no eggs for a while :(

Some Bantams tend to go broody (they want to hatch their eggs :roll: ) They will stop laying when they go broody, which can last up to 3 weeks :roll:

They will not lay as many eggs per year as a larger Hybrid Chicken :(

Their eggs are smaller, there is less white in a Bantam egg (see pros about the yolk) :D


As you can see there are more pros than cons to having Bantams :D

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