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Does anyone have any spare bumper bits?

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Hi all,

I know that this may sound a little cheeky but I was wondering if anyone had any spare bumper bits which they would be able to get posted out to me ASAP. Of course I will be more than happy to pay the postage, cost of bumper bits as well as a little extra for the trouble :D:wink:


I need them as soon as possible because one of my girls has suddenly developed a liking for feather plucking and eating. Two of my girls have large bald patches (50p size) and pecked feathers on their backs and tails.

This all happened yesterday while I was out and I am wanting to stop Bobbie before she gets a taste of blood. :roll:


Last night I covered the two victims pecked areas with vaseline (not on the sore spot-just the remaining feathers) so that Bobbie will get a mouthful of vaseline if she pecks at them but I need the bumper bits as quickly as I can. I was going to contact wernlas this morning but I think I have to send them a SAE and some postage stamps first then wait for them to recieve them before they send my bits out. Ideally I would like them to be here sooner than that.


Hoping that someone can help-I would be truly garteful. :D

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From what I read on this forum, I think that bumper bits are far more effective than anti-peck rings. My hen's bumper bit certainly works well. I got a few from Wernlas when I got my first lot of new hens, and I think it would be a sensible precaution if everyone thinking of buying new little enemies for their existing hens got the bits first (at about 10p each, you can't really go wrong).


Strangely, I didn't need mine at the introduction time, but much later, when feather-pulling started out of the blue.


I wish now I had got more extra ones to help people out in emergencies, and am thinking of sending away for a larger number from Wernlas. Do you think it would be a good idea if a number of us did this and we had a list of people with bumper bits available for collection/posting?


I am afraid I cannot give away my two spare bumper bits, as with seven hens you just don't know when you will need them yourself.


Useful information about rings here: you have to have them in the right size, and they do seem primarily used for chicks.

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I just don't know what to do.

The vaseline is not working, I have no-where to put the bully, I can see a tiny amount of blood on Ria. I have stayed in the garden all day so that they can all free range but I have just put them back in the run and Bobbie is still having a peck.

I didn't ring Wernlas because I was praying that someone on here would have a spare one that could be posted out and I have just noticed the time and realised that I have left it too late to phone them now.

My brain is not quite with it and that's probably because my Dad has recently passed away and everything just seems to be a strugle.


I made my little girl cry earlier because I said that I can't cope and the hens will have to go!! :roll: I think I'm just feeling fed up and don't know what to do right now. I can't see me getting rid of the girls-I love them very much I think I'm just having a bad day!! :?


I will ring Wernlas first thing and all I can do for now is pray that Bobbie doesn't do any serious harm in the next few days.

Omlet never mentioned 'What to do if your hens decide to eat eachother!!' :)

Maybe things will seem brighter in the morning. :pray:


Thanks for the offer of an anti peck ring Rhapsody-do you think that might help untill the bumper bits come?


Sorry to moan and sound like an old misery guts! :oops:

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cardboard box, folding crate or whatever you can find if you have to. They should be ok at nighttime so its just the days you have to worry about. I would send you one but mine havent arrived yet so its probably just as quick to order some.

Have you tried tea tree oil etc just to make it as unpalatble as possible though bear in mind that would sting on an open wound.

Good luck I'm hoping mine doesnt get too bad before it arrives. It seems to be scabbing and the saving grace is shes alot bigger than her tormentor

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Thanks everyone,

I have been rescued- :wink:

Hopefully my bumper bit should be here by Saturday-thanks Gallina.

I am most definitely going to place an order for about 20-30 bumper bits.

That way if ever someone is in this position and needs one ASAP I will be able to post one out first class which should be a lot quicker than having to contact Wernla, send a SAE etc. That's a great idea Gallina-I truly think that a few of us should do that. :D


I would also like to take this opportunity to appologise for having a moan back there. :oops:

I have had a stressful day but who hasn't at some point?? :roll: I did let it get to me a little, I was just so frightened that if Bobbie gets a taste of blood then I could end up with big problems and may loose my hens.

It's also a little bit of PMT :evil: , of course-my Dad, not enough hours in a day etc.

I have just had a nice hot bath, locked the girls up and am now sitting all comfy in my PJ's and feeling so very much better.

I LOVE this forum!!!!!!!! :dance:

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No apology needed Jay!! Glad someone has been able to help you out - they're a lovely crowd on here aren't they?! Sometimes when you're trying to cope with the big thigs like your Dad, its the smaller ones like this that make you feel like you've reached the end of your tether. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better now - hang in there and I'm sure the hens will sort themselves out!

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Bobbie is now muzzled!! :lol:


The bumper bit from Gallina arrived in the post this morning and my sister came round to hold Bobbie while I put it on her.

The first two attempts were scratched off straight away-still not sure what I did wrong but the thing flew off and took ages to find! :doh:

The third go worked as it stayed on and after some squarking, scratching and beak wiping- Bobbie finally gave up and got over it. :wink:


She seems to have forgotton about it already and is eating and drinking like normal.

She has been trying to peck at Rose and Ria's backs but she is doing them no harm at all. :dance:

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