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Life span of the Egloo

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Hi All,


Does anyone know how long the life span of the Egloo ?


I know the UV light degrades plastic left outside over time, like garden furniture, and becomes brittle.


I'm sure that the Egloo would last quite sometime but does anyone have any ideas how long ?






PS Edgewife will probably think my Anorack gene has fired up again !

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I don't think that they do degrade - fade maybe, but not fall apart. They've got some old ones at the Omlet mothership and they seem fine as do Lesley's, and she has some pretty old 2nd hand ones. I think that Kate has one of the originals too.


Mine is getting on now too, and spruces up like new after a jetwash. That's why they command such a good price 2nd hand.

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Wow - I thought I was a worrier, but I hadn't even thought about worrying how long my Eglu would last! I've had my yellow one 3 years and the colour seems to me to have faded a bit. But it is still perfectly fine in every other aspect. I beefed up the roosting bars with some extra fastenings - they are still the original bars.


I wipe the Eglu down inside every week and scrub the bars. I dismantle the whole lot and powerwash it every few months. I'm sure I'm not as fastidious as some!


Anyway, I'm looking forward to many years of happy Eglu using and certainly won't start to worry about it giving up on me ... or maybe I'll wake up tonight in a panic ...


See what you've started!

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