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Has anyone got any info to show chickens are safe?

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My daughter is to do a show and tell in 2 weeks, and has chosen to talk about battery hens, and therefore take in one of our ex-batt girls to show how they recover :D


I mentioned a while ago about health and safety, and wondered where the download from the omlet site had gone :? , but now her school seem convinced that there will be allergy problems or infection chances.


Does anyone have any suggestions where I can find information to take in to show it won't be a problem, as long as they follow basic hand washing, they have a gardening club for goodness sake :?


karen x

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I took my chickens into a local nursery school recently.


The hens were outside and the children didn't touch them at all. There's a links somewhere....I'll try to find it!.


....here it is....


I took in pellets, grit, sweetcorn and mealworms and we talked about them.


There was a great deal of interest in the topic of poo!


I downloaded the Omlet Hen from the schools bit of the website and they all coloured it in.


I took in an egg for each child too.

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