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I let my girls out for the first time today. They have had such a wonderful time exploring the garden, they still havn't ventured into the woodland area or the overgrown bit at the back but were in the two main flowerbeds and all over the lawn.




Mum feels much happier about having them now they are running around the lawn, she doesn't like to see animals penned in.


June is looking loads better now too. She has a glossier sheen to her feathers and isn't sleeping all the time.


The cats all had a good look at the girls but only Scribble (otherwise known as the Great White Hunter) got particulalry close, then she decided to leave them alone.



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Yes they look so happy! Not sure if Mum is going to want them out all day tomorrow - her and James get up earlier than me (well they don't but I'm not human until after my bath) so we will see if she lets them out.


Anyone leave theirs out when they go out during the day? I know that will be Mum's worry - she likes to pop in and out all day.

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they look great - and its looks like a lovely garden for them to explore.


We've not left ours out all day because we can't stop them working their way down the drive and onto the road. It takes them a couple of hours before they've visited all their usual places on the way, but then we have to go and shoo them back. If I could be sure that they couldn't get out I would leave them out - but I would have called Georgie Houdini if I'd known her better when she first came!

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We left ours out all day while we were at work once a few weeks ago........though purely by accident! I must have not quite put the bolt across properly. They all survived unscathed but I think I'd be a bit nervous about doing it regularly. They probably could see any cats off just fine - they see off my dogs - but the over-protective mother in me would worry!

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