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Chicken voices

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Can you tell your chooks apart just by listening to their squarks?

Buzz has a gentle "bok bok" voice, but Poppy is a chcken fog horn "burrrkkk buuurrrkkk burk"


They also respond to our voices when we go out to them & say "chukk chuck!" They come legging it across the garden :D:)8)

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Hi :) ,


Our three girlies all have very different "voices". The smallest Myla almost purrs and holds little conversations with herself........If something spooks them whilst exploring the garden......Mollie is attempting to perfect an almost "chicken bark" and Millie.....she appears to listen to you and chatters away as she wonders off.......think maybe there needs to be a "chickoniary".


I even caught myself comparing a Class of Year 1's (5/6 year olds) with the girlies......yep the 28 children had a babble that was very similar to chicken chat! When they were working quietly that is!!!!


They all understand that together they are our "girlies" and we are so proud of them......I make sure I thank the individual chick for her egg. Yep Millie generally about 7.30am in the morning whereas Mollie prefers a lunchtime sitting and well Myla she's deciding whether she's ready to be all grown up........


Ahh ......back to work tomorrow..... I'll miss my sessions with the girlies out in the garden whilst we all enjoyed the sunshine.



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Hi, we have 6, but can only really tell 2 apart, squeak, seems to well squeak, which is quite funny, sounds a bit like a little sneeze :shock:

and splodge is just down right verbal :lol:


she wouldnt go to bed last night, I went out 3 times to shut the cube and she kept coming out to talk to me :? naughty chicken :D

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my 2 girls have very different voices. They are much higer pitched than larger chooks. Freckle is VERY talkative and walkes along going "beep beep beep beep beep beep" to anyone and everything. Speckle is more a "bop bop sneeze" type of chook, and has a lower voice than Freck... However, both are VERY loud when it comes to laying an egg!

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We can't tell out Gingernuts apart they chunter happily away whenever we visit them but Olive is deep baritone(?) - she could be fella for all we know, no eggs yet; Blossom just screeches - and runs.



(green eglu)

GNR Scarlett

GNR Rosie

Blossom (white chicken) Snow White

Black Rock Olive

Harry the laid back cat - just visiting

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Ours have very different voices when they speak to us. When they are crowing its a bit more difficult to tell the gingers apart. (Peri doesn't do crowing, it's too chicken like.......)


Chandon has added a word to her repertoire in the last few days. A cross between a seagull and a bark. Maybe she is learning a foreign language for the Summer hols. :lol:

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