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9/11 Dear Beautiful Dogs

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Aww what beautiful and brave dogs! I watched the programme the other night. I didnt really intend to but once started i couldnt switch off.

It is a day i will never ever be able to forget as it is my DDs birthday. We were preparing for her 6th birthday party when it all happened. I can remember like it was yesterday, trying to put on a happy face for her while all the time totally stunned by what had happened.

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We always remember this day in our family because it is the date that my 5 year old brother died in 1975. It was a hard enough date for us and now is made worse by each anniversary of the terror attack. It may seem a selfish sentiment, but I also feel for people who celebrate their birthday, anniversary etc on this date, one of my school friends had her birthday on this day and I always had mixed feelings, it must be weird for her now too.


I was as stunned as everyone when it all happened and to be honest the significance of the date didn't really hit me until the first anniversary approached. Why do human beings who can be so wonderful also have to commit such acts of horror. :(

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Sept 11 is my nephew's birthday; and also my oldest's due date (tho she didnt turn up til the 22nd!)


re the dogs: I was at a conference 2 or 3 years after 9/11, and the guests of honour and lead speakers were 2 of the dog-handlers from 9/11. Their speech was unbelievably moving; such heroes. at the end there was total silence and then a standing ovation - still makes me well up to remember.


some of the details were incredibly harrowing. NY had only 'normal' police dogs at the time, so they were trained in arrest techniques, some drug/explosive searching, but not really extensively trained in search and rescue techniques. however it very quickly became apparent that the dogs would not be required for search and rescue in the traditional sense (ie finding buried people) and they had to be very quickly retained in cadaver search techniques, which was done virtually overnight. cadaver search techniques train them to find traces, rather than actual whole bodies. it was also very moving to hear how the police force cared for the dogs throughout - and veterinary/care assistance provided by members of the public as well as the official vet teams.


amazing dogs, and amazing guys that work with them, and dearly love and care for them. Heroes. (and they were also really funny, hard partying, good time guys!!)

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