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Help! What sort of chickens shall I get?

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Hi there, just rung Omlet to check our cube was on schedule for Saturday (not that I'm excited!!) and they said they couldn't get any Pepperpots (which I vaguely recall seeing on another post)

So, we want 5 chickens, but I'd really like a couple of sorts otherwise I'll go mad trying to tell them apart. Question now is what sort? Can any of you give me some advice on a friendly, egg-laying, non-broody chicken that is compatible with 2 Gingernut Rangers that I can get hold of for Saturday! Friendly is actually almost more important than egg laying as I have 3 small children who, whilst it would be funny to watch the chickens chasing them round the garden, I ought really to take in to consideration.


Thanx in advance (don't want much do I?! :shock:)

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HOW RUDE!!!! :shock::evil: I've just rung a breeder local to me (who shall remain nameless) and altho, OK he wasn't EXACTLY rude, he was rather dismissive of the Cube! I told him I was after three more chooks etc and he said "OH, you've bought one of those Eglu things" in a very patronising voice. I ended up having to justify having bought my cube - aaaaaghh!! :evil: The he said "we could have sold you a hen house for half the money, well good luck with it"

How rude! I don't have to justify my choices to anyone, now I'm cross with myself for not telling him to shove his hen house up his perch!


Oh bloomin' eck, and he's the only breeder local to me as well, and he's got Pekins wihch I quite like the look of, and Marans.


DILEMMA! :roll:

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I got my first 3 chooks from him, I have mixed feelings about how he keeps his chooks and his attitude to me was sometimes quite rude. He is more interested in rare breeds and people interested in breeding than he is in those of us who want reliable egg-layers you can cuddle.

Personally I would go to Hollywater Hens instead, but she is very low on stock until July.

If you do end up with You-Know Who at Ligh"Ooops, word censored!"er, every time he keeps trashing the cube/eglu talk about red mite :wink: I must say I got 3 lovely hybrid girls from him (but twice the price they were at Hollywater) so if you run in, buy chooks and leave pronto you may be ok!

BTW- for what you want, I'd go for Bluebelles.

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GOD! Rightly or wrongly I have bought a Maran, a Black Rock and an Exchequer Leghorn - so almost nothing that I wanted but I fell in love with them! He wasn't quite so rude face to face, and I don't take any nonsense anyway so managed to counteract everything he said. Picking them up Saturday - how exciting! And my smallest boy has now learned to say chook instead of burp (bird) or calling everything feathered a duck! :lol:

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Well done Mrs B for going out there and choosing your chooks regardless. No need to justify ourselves for having fab Omlet homes for our girls.


Our fellow forum members would surely agree that keeping back garden chooks is a joy and it matters not if they are hybrids, pure breeds or bantams or whether they live in a wooden or plastic houses.....they are still loved.


PS. I am very jelous of all you with cubes......hoping my eglu will hatch into a cube and surprise me one day.

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