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Tina C

Black Fly

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Went on holiday for a week and the black fly took advantage and are all over my broad beans.


Have been spraying with a garlic solution and a washing up liquid solution, and rubbing some off when I can. It has helped clear them a bit, but the horrible things are still there.


Anyone got any advice or am I wasting my time?


Seems a shame to pull them up as they have lots of beans on them, but will they be any good?

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Calling Martin - are you out there?


I now have very dirty broad bean plants - do I leave them like that till it gets washed off by the rain or shall I water it off myself.


Its funny, after I put soil over them I seemed to remember seeing broad bean plants looking the same in the past and wondering why...now I know.


I have to say that even before I did it there was less black fly, presumably after all the spraying, so if this works they will be completely clear when I look at them this evening. If not, its out with the flour for Round 2.

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