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We currently have a giant wasteland in the chicken area where our lawn used to be and want to cover this with wood chip, however we can't seem to find anywhere selling it in bulk. We are looking for enough to cover an area 3m by 3m, but the bags at places like B&Q are too small so we would need to buy about 10 bags at £8 each. :shock:


Where to you buy your wood chip from? We are on the Northamptonshire/Warwickshire border, but are fairly flexible travel wise. We would prefer someone who delivers though. Preferably looking for one of those massive ton bags you see on construction sites :lol:


Thank you :)

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I get mine delivered on a pallet from Flytesofancy as I need 10 bags to fill the run. The only drawback is the huge delivery cost, but I can't get anything like it locally and have decided it is worth it as it lasts for such a long time and does a great job in the run.

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