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Hi Folks


We have 3 ducks. I bought one of the kids sand pits at the weekend. I used it as a pond for the ducks. it is dug in the ground so they can slide into it. unfortunatley when i am emptyed it, I cracked it down the side, done a local repair. Can any one think what i could use as a pond?

I do not want to install a proper pond, just want something that is quite sturdy and also workable for me to empty as well as the ducks have a good time in the water.


Any suggestions???????????????

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I think Lesley changesa it every day.


Lesley thinks Carl changes it every day! :wink:


Ours always looks disgusting - they make a mess in it as soon as the water is changed :?


That is why we've changed from the big pond to the small pond. We're looking at making a garden pond for them - but I don't know what that might be like as you can't empty one of those :?

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although I am using a tub trug at the moment, the best 'pond' arrangement I had was one of those pond shell type things you can get from a garden centre. We dug a hole which we lined with pebbles (to assist draining) and then the 'pond' just sat on top. It was light enough to lift slightly and drain the water. When emptied it was then simple enough to lift out entirely, scrub clean with virkon or similar, place back in the hole and refill.


Those ponds are also good because they have little 'shelves' which helped the ducks get out easily!


Originally, the ducks had use of a larger pond with a liner which a previous owner of our house had installed. It became disgusting very quickly and was very, very difficult and time consuming to drain and clean. Quite foul in fact!


MH x

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