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Bedraggled - but happy!

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Hooray, they're here!!


Rushed home from work today to see how our rescued battery hens that Hubby collected earlier were getting on. They'd just begun to venture out of the henhouse and explore their run a bit. They are sorry looking things at the moment, but Pete says they already look much better than when he collected them. Paula and Georgie were enjoying a dirt bath, and Ringo and Joan were having a good scratch around. Now they're getting even braver and coming out of the enclosed part of the run. One of them has even laid us an egg already, the little darling!


Chickie is looking a bit put out, but so far no feathers have flown! I'll take her a little treat in a minute to remind her we still love her too!

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I have some pics but will have to tackle the technology and work out what to do with them later!


Everyone is looking happy in the run so far - the newbies have had a good wander round, flapped their wings a bit, and enjoyed a mud bath. Chickie is eyeing them up somewhat warily. I've spent most of the evening just watching them all!

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