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Martin B

Free-Range Quail

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Well yesterday the the Quail had their first real taste of freedom (apart from one of the hens who flies away every time I try to fill up their feeder) :lol:


We had an old rabbit run at the side of the house which had been their for absolutely years! It was used in the summers gone-by to let the tortoises, rabbits, and guinea pigs run around, but since the invention of the rablu, we hadn't really a need for it.




So I dug it out yesterday, and the quail came out from the rabbit hutch to the rabbit run, they prefer it in the run, they have been dustbathing and scratching around, it's so funny! :lol:

I plan for them to use it most of the time now, but I shall continue to house them in the rabbit hutch at night, and whilst "Ooops, word censored!"ody else is around.

We do have another larger rabbit run, which we can use for my new flock of quail which will be arriving on the 24th, there are 11 Japs and I am picking them up from a kind lady in Telford. Apparently they are laying 6 eggs a day between them, but there are 6 or 7 females and 4 or 5 males, which I am sure will taste nice! :lol:


Anyway here are some pictures of my new free-range quail.







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The Japanese are the biggest type of Quail other than the Jumbo Japanese which are prodominantly used for meat. They're not as attractive as the Italian or Chinese Painted Variety.


The Japanese Quail and The Californians are also the noisiest of the Quail birds, if you are thinking of a quiet variety then the Italian come out trumps. However if the quail are kept outside the sound they make is no louder than garden birds in the morning, so your neighbours won't know about them.


Japanese lay the eggs that are sold in places like Tesco, Waitrose, Butchers etc.

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I think Dilly must be right, are the eglus inside one another :?:


I had a peek at your blog this morning and thoroughly enjoyed reading your various adventures and looking at your pics

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Hi, this is "Tesco" my first breeding group, I will be breeding them as a hobby, I will be selling chicks, fully grown birds, eggs for eating and eggs for incubating. I already have orders for a few of the listed categories.


Tesco is my current group and 2 of my new females will go into this group.


I am also having another group of Japanese which will be called "Asda" made up of one of the new cocks and also 3 hens.


I will have a group of Italian quail also consisting of 6 females and 1 male. This group will be called "Sainsbury's" :lol:


I am picking up the 7 Italians and 11 Japanese on 24th June! :D

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