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Where can I get chickens from?

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Hello everyone!


My name is Wendy and my husband has just bought a chicken house and run. We are hoping to get two chickens and I have to admit that I am quite excited about it! :lol:


Does anyone know where we can get some good, healthy chickens from in the Bournemouth, Poole or Dorset area?


Thank you.

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There is a magazine called Practical Poultry with a breeders directory in the back.


Here are a few that look quite interesting:


R C Follows - 01747 838035

They sell All colour Orpingtons, Sussex, Pekins and Welsummers.


Pekins are Us - 07787 822 046

They sell surprisingly Pekin and Serama bantams


Kerrie Ward - 01929 556 742

A really good range, from game, to bantams, to large fowl to ducks!


Those are all in Dorset. Mel probably knows some places in Dorset.

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I just got our three girlies on Sunday :D I was recommended Hens of Highbury in Stalbridge (01963 364543 - have to keep trying though as they're always outside on the smallholding) and have to say the lady I bought from was really lovely/very knowledgeable.


She didn't have any point of lay but had youngsters which suited us (thought it would be good to let them grow up and get used to the kids :wink: !!).


Will post some pictures just as soon as I get around to getting the camera out!




Maree (rookie chookie keeper)

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