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Leaving Rabbits out

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HI - I have read all the posts on here and wanted a view.


Our rabbits are in the eglu with the run and the sides of the run are tent pegged down. They are left whilst we are out during the day so they can use the run or the eglu (i.e. door open).


At night we have been shutting them in the eglu (i.e. door closed) about 11pm and as I get up at 6.30 we let them out (i.e. door open).


However, it is getting harder and harder to get them to go into the eglu at night so we can shut the door (I can't say I blame them) and we end up tricking them in - also in the morning they are gagging to get out.


SO what are the real risks of leaving the door open all night. Cause anything that might get in during the night could get in during the day too surely.

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i think i might depend on if you have many foxes around you. i do shut my bunnies in the rablu at night and use a bit of fresh grass to get them in. i will leave the door open so they can get into the run in a few weeks as it gets warmer and my bunnies are only 8 weeks old so they are just babies at the moment. i might put some kind of protection under the eglu to prevent any burrowing from foxes under there. i havent seen a fox here yet but we did have some when we lived in the city.

i also use the little green run clips to hold the run door shut and stop the kids getting in.

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I don,t shut mine in, but I've never seen foxes round here. Some people have said the weekest part othe rablu/run is the top end, where the rablu joins the run, if you know what I mean, so a couple of slabs may help. Hope this makes sense :)

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my bunnies aren't shut in the rablu at night, mainly because bunnies are most active at night and sleep in the middle of the day. I leave the rablu door open at all times because they like to have their litter tray in there :roll:

We do have night foxes in my area, but they haven't managed to get in the run.

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They've managed to dig a tennis ball sized hole today - what a day for it to happen so now I'm unsure.


I have the Eglu under-run mesh - but as of yet not used it. Does anyone have this and is using it - is it okay on their feet etc?



EDIT: well put the mesh underneath - to be honest it is a bit of a pain. It doesn't lay flat as each piece is curved and although it woul dmake delivery a nightmare I wopuld have preferred it if it was all one piece - it could also do with being a little wider. I have had to tent peg it down int he middle inside.


Didn't have enough green clips to fix it to the run so have used cable ties - whilst ensuring they are well away from bunny mouths.


Left the rabbits out last night they seems to love it.

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I shut my bunnies in at night as we have a few urban foxes round our area plus a nuisance footpath runs up the side of our garden :x also I've read rabbits are most active around dawn and dusk. I must admit though I do have problems getting mine in sometimes...I often find myself climbing in the run with them - give them a quick fuss - and then gently nudge them in the rablu and close the door. They usually settle down quickly and I open the side door to find them snuggled together dozing off.


As for the mesh I thought it was a bit of a waste of money truth be told! My rabbits still manage to dig many large holes & I think my little rabbit Delilah could get through the mesh too if she wanted to. I also found it bulge up in the middle but I stuck a few tent pegs down and neither the mesh or pegs bother the bunnies.

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Hi, yep mine are out all the time day or night all weather, (although bring them in the house for really terribly conditions , Nov 5 and Xmas! They are frantic when left inside the Rablu and seem perfectly happy at all times in the pen. We have the mesh and it helps a bit and does not seem to bother the rabbits and although it can buch up a bit initially within a couple of hours is flat.

I also like to let them out in the garden as much as possible, they really really love it and run and jump like crazy.


Good luck.


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We leave our bunnies out all the time. We don't have an eglu but a wooden hutch with an attached run (quite large). We live in a fairly urban area and the worst times for foxes trying to dig rabbits out is usually winter when theres not much food about. Although the foxes have tried they never usually have enough time overnight if you are an early riser like us 6am. We put food out on our front lawn for the foxes and they dont seem to want to bother with the other 'food' in the back garden. We also have chickens in an eglu which free range from 6am to sunset and have never had any problems. Hope this helps


proud owner of

(green eglu)GNR x2, (white chicken)

(whiterabbit) aggressive one (blackrabbit) like a baby

1 x female teenager help!!

1x OH

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