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marky mark

Chickens and pregnant women

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Hi there, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and have just been told on my baby forum (gawd - I'm an internet addict!) that with me being pregnant then I shouldn't be handling the chickens? Can anyone clarify this for me please? I have been doing all their care since they arrived on Saturday and it will be sad if I have to hand this over to my hubby as I was hoping to start handling them and getting them used to me! I can't have them and not touch them for the next 6 months!!




Thanks, Sarah xx

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As far as I know, as long as you follow usual hygiene practices, there shouldn;t be any risk. I'm sure one of the new mother on the forum can confirm this, and perhaps a quick word with your midwife at your next appointment will put your mind at ease as well.


Gina??! Where are you?????

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I think some people think that pregnant women should be wrapped in cotton wool & not let anywhere near animals during the pregnancy. :roll:


When I was pregnant I carried on looking after all my animals.


As the others have said, good hygiene & washing of hands as I'm sure we all do anyway :wink: & i'm sure you'll be fine. Good idea to check the midwifes thoughts on it too.


Congratulations on the pregnancy by the way! 8)

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