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Hi Jaime - I'd advise you to allow a couple of hours to look at every breed. There is a lot. 2 big fields containing lots of pens. Each pen has a separate breed in it. All the young hens ' POL' are kept in a separate field. Because they are rare breeds - all 20 week olds are around £30 + . You can have them at any age from day old chicks upwards, these are obviously cheaper - but not sexed, apart from about 5 different breeds.

Another thing, you do have to ring them before you visit if you are planning to buy. They can then devote time to you and tell you what young birds they have. A lovely place, very knowledgeable. Pack a picnic!

Nice knick knacks in the shop bit ( summer house ) - I bought a chicken sandwich tray!!!!

It's just fascinating - Can't wait to know what you come home with!!!!!!


Have a great Saturday chook shopping.



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Jaime, that's where we got our girls from.


We wanted a cream legbar but they didn't have any at the time so we got the gold legbar instead (we are going to have to get 2 more girls at a later date) :wink:


I would def. give them a ring so they can tell you what they have, you do need to spend a few hours there as there is such a lot to see (don't forget the baby chick houses)


They have all different ages, when we went they only had younger hens (about 12-13 weeks) and they aren't ready to go in with our big girls yet, so the babies are in the eglu and the big girls are in the cube


I think Dan put a link with a load of photos on that he took,




Hope this helps, have a good day


PS Take a pair of wellies/spare shoes, it will be very wet

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hi jaime

obviously i got mine in norfolk but just so you know

my cream legbar were £10 each and are 16weeks they were £5 for the 8 week olds. they can be sexed when they hatch as the cocks are a different colour (some of the other breeds she couldnt be sure of) i didnt want to risk getting a cock even though she said i could take them back i didnt want to have to give something back that i had become attached to.


she said they are very flighty and you need to clip their wings and they are a lighter bird than the sussex.

you probably know all this already.


mine are really lovely and calm and very friendly


i hope you have a great day jaime, it is exciting chicken shopping. i got to see a baby lama as well. the place you are going to sounds great

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Cream Legbars are fab!! I dont find my Ellie flighty, not like my two newer girls but she was handled a lot after we got her (a guy on an allotment locally bred them) as my others were having a real go at her and I kept having to check her over and cover up cuts an bruises :roll::roll: I would definitely have more and the blue eggs are so pretty :D

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i have only had mine since wednesday but i am totally in love with them, my little boy just hand fed them some corn and they were fine. i havent had any eggs yet but cant wait!!

i havent let them out of the run yet so i have not had to attempt the wing clipping yet, do you think i should clipp them?, its not really something i am looking forward to doing.

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Hi sparkleeeeee- I think it's personal preference if you wing clip. It is supposed to stop lighter breeds flying very far. Mine are clipped - it's an easy proceedure once you've done it once you'll feel a lot more comfortable with the others.

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I'm Back


With No Chooks :lol::lol::lol:


We had a fab day. We spent maybe 2hrs looking at the chooks. I wish I had gone for bantams in the beginning because they have some amazing designs :?


They had some wonderful full size ones, I loved the Cream Legbars, The Lavender Araucanas and a few of the different Wyandottes, and the Derbyshire Redcap. Didnt like the Naked Necks :vom:


But the ones for sale were just too young and too small to bring home :(


I could have placed an order but when you weigh up what I've got - beautiful hardy hybrids that lay lots of eggs with very few problems we decided that maybe a few more hybrids would fit in better.


We had to dodge the showers a little but it didnt spoil our visit because we were able to talk through properly what we should do.

Bought a water feeder, pellet feeder and a grit holder. :D


Then we had lunch and the afternoon in Ludlow about 5 miles away - "Ooops, word censored!"ody should miss Ludlow if they are that close. A stunning little town full of georgian and tudor buildings and a pretty Castle.


On the way back we called at Stokesey Castle. Spectacular a romantic chocolate box Norman castle with Tudor gatehouse. Wouldnt have missed it for the world.


I'll post a picture of Stokesey later but I didnt take any pictures of the Chooks :shock: Ooops :shock:

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hi jaime

thats a shame, is there nowhere else that has any older cream legbar around you?.

i feel really bad because if i hadnt bought your eglu, you would have been able to bring some home today and kept them in there until they were big enough. (sorry :( ) if you were closer i could have had an extra one in with my girls for you until it was older.

it sounds like you had a great day anyway


thanks for the wing clipping encouragement, i feel a bit better about it and i am sure it will be fine, i dont even like cutting the kids fingernails incase i hurt them (i am a bit of a weed about things like that).

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