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Are there any Yoga experts here? I know there are different sorts of yoga and I want to get the right one.


My DD1 is a very tense and stressed person. She says she is never relaxed. She has been experiencing stomach pains akin to an ulcer but it turns out these are psychologically caused. It is similar to IBS, but in the stomach. I think that relaxation yoga would not only help her to relax and calm down but also be a useful tool for really stressful times. She heads off to university in October and I am genuinely concerned about how she will cope when life gets difficult.


I would like her to start learning next month, once her exams are over, and would be really grateful for any advice from someone who knows what she needs!

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:) Brilliant idea, Ginette, I think it will really help.

Of course there are lots of good classes & books & maybe someone will have some good advice for you.

But, I just wanted to endorse the idea. My DD1 was not "coping" (as you know) earlier in the year but made herself take up something new. She just used a book, dvd & mat on her own. The difference 10 mins made to the start of her day was tremendous, and now she knows she has something that will support her on difficult days, and energize her every day.


Thoroughly recommend the idea, and we must get started too, Ginette! But separately to our daughters, this may need to be "her" thing at the beginning.


Very best wishes, xx

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:D Thank you Sheila! I find it so good to hear from someone who understands 'stressed-out daughter syndrome' and it is encouraging to hear that yoga has helped your DD1 already. I must be on the right track!

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I do yoga every Thursday evening for an hour. :D


I started yoga in January of this year and only missed 3 weeks when the teacher was off to have a baby :shock:


My teacher says she does a mix of different yogas but its mainly Ashtanga (?) :?


I really look forward to the classes and at the end of each session we do relaxation for 10-15 mins which is a great wind down.


There are only 2-5 people in the class so its a really intimate gathering and the teacher has quite a bit of time for each student :D


I do hope your daughter finds a good class and enjoys the relaxation Ginette :D

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Hi Ginette,


I have a DVD called Ultimate Yogalates (by a woman called Louise Soloman), it is a mix of pilates and yoga - if you couldn't guess by the name! :roll: I really like it although it didn't quite start off as basic as I would have liked!


I go to pilates once a week and find it really de-stresses me and I feel sooo much better afterwards. I do classes at the local community college.


I hope your daughter gives yoga / something similar a go - it is definitely worth it :D

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I have a yoga DVD by Howard Napper, he is really nice and easy to follow.


He also has a lovely calming voice, I managed to follow the DVD without watching it (he was very clear with his description so I didnt have to watch to know what position I was to move into)


the cat likes me doing yoga at home - she normally comes to join in or just sit on me :D

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