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Megga egg!!!!

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One of our chooks has just laid a whopper!


I don't know what constitutes a record but this one weighs in at 80 grams!

I have seen photo's on here of eggs that look even bigger than that.


I was wondering what the omlet record is?


We had a similar one the other day and it was a double yolker :D


Maybe we should start a mega-eggs league table!



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My biggest egg was just over the 100g mark, and was laid by the beautiful Belle - it was a double yolker, and was delicious! I have heard rumours of chickens that have laid triple yolker stonkers, but I've never had one from my chooks.

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Blimy. My chooks are new so I'm grateful to get 60g eggs. I will watch and wait.


By the way, useless information for you - so you are all in the Very Large Leque.....Supermarket grading of eggs.

Very large 74g and over.

Large 63-73g

Medium 53-63g

Small under 53g

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