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Dippy Egg

First night in Eglu, should I put water inside?

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I collected my new Eglu plus 2 chucks today. Luckily Omlet had a selection of Hybrids to chose from which I wasn`t expecting so I have a Gingernut Ranger (Ruby) & a Miss Pepperpot (Poppy). It took me 2 and a half hours in the pouring rain to assemble and although I was soaked to the skin I managed to keep my hens lovely and dry in my shed. I have put Hemcore down and covered the run with a shower curtain. My chucks seem quite happy and my dog is absolutely fascinated. I am wondering what to do tonight though. Do I put water in the sleeping pod and if so how do I secure it or will the hens be ok to wait until I open the door in the morning?


My fingers are very sore from thos ghastly clips but luckily the rain washed the blood away quickly! Plus the small end panels don`t fit properly if you attach the washers and screws where the instructions tell you, this took a phone call to Omlet to resolve; "Oh yes, the instructions are wrong!" Never mind, I am quite proud of myself now AND the sun is shining!


Many thanks.

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