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Our first egg!!!


I am very, very, very excited indeed!!!


I just went to check they were OK before bedtime, and there was a lovely egg (54g), stone cold, nestling in the aubiose in the nest. As it was cold I must have missed the laying of it by quite a while. I took them lots of grapes to say thank you.


I think it must be Dotty who laid as she has been in and out of the eglu quite a bit (although she has been taking the other 2 for company), and when I tried to catch her the other day she squatted, which Delores and Dib Dab do not yet do. But the egg is a lovely pinky creamy beige colour - and Dotty is a speckledy and supposed to lay chestnut brown eggs! A bit of a conundrum!! I can see I'll have to watch them like a hawk tomorrow. :)



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