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I have one and I think it helps, it does seem to deter the foxes and on the occasions that I've been aware of visiting foxes the Foxwatch has been faulty or badly positioned. But I think that it has a very limited range and it can be difficult positioning it just right, especially when like me you've got 2 eglus and are regularly moving them around. I have had a very regular visiting fox recently and on the occasions that I've seen him he's been out of eglu and foxwatch range........... but is that because he's aware of me or deterred by the FW :? . I certainly don't see how close he gets at 3am or whatever.

My opinion for what little it's worth is that it's a great device to have for additional protection, I think it has some effectiveness as a deterrent, but I wouldn't rely on it as a sole deterrent, much the same as I encourage my hubby to wee in the garden :shock: , but don't expect that to be entirely effective either. You still need to be observant when they're free ranging and lock them up at times when you can't be around to watch them.

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