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Hermione's hunched...

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I noticed a week or so ago that when Hermione's standing still, she's very hunched, head almost invisible she retracts it so far! I have also noticed that her vent feathers are a bit mucky, although she does have very fluffy knickers so not sure if that's a concern or not. When I saw she was hunched I went outside, but as soon as I opened the door she stood to attention, looked around and off she trotted. Ever since, anytime she's standing still she is hunched, but is alert and springs into action if we go outside, or if any treats are offered, even if a Magpie flies nearby she does a little lap of the garden! The only other thing Is that her comb and wattles are still palish, whereas the other girls are string redder again now the nights are drawing out.


Other than the hunching she seems absolutely fine, walking well, movements appear normal etc...


I'll try to post a piccie of her, but any thoughts in the meantime?


Thanks all

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Every time I go to take a photo of her hunched up, she trots over to see me! I'm. Looking on this as A Good Thing. Here's a piccie of her as she came to see me


And one of her mucky vent feathers



I'm planning on bathing her and trimming the net feathers to see if that resolves te problem, any other advice?

Tina :)

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If possible I'd watch her for longer ...if she is hunched then it is likely that she is feeling under par..(they are good at hiding it)..and eating and drinking are not necessarily signs that nothing else is going on....speaking from experience..I have finally learned that it's best to trust your intuition in these things...if you think she isn't very well chances are that she is at least a bit poorly...I'd get her checked out by the Vet if you aren't happy....

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I catch mine unawares to see how they are if i'm worried,I have something going on with my lot

Sam seems to be on the mend but Charlie was sitting in the cube yesterday,

She did run out when i went to see them but her tail went down and she had an empty crop and sneezed

a little when i checked later.

She's inside and i have just injected them all with Tyaln as vet thinks it might be Myco caused by

stress of being with the evil Fran.

I'm wondering what to do with her as she is evil!

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I gave Hermy a thorough check and nothing untoward...I didn't find any crawlies, but gave her a spray and a liberal dusting too. Since the piccies I posted, she has been very much herself, lots of energy and generally looking well, and her comb is nice and red...but still no eggs from her this year.


Yesterday, I noticed that she had started to hunch again when standing, but perks up as soon as I open the door, and could match Usain Bolt for speed when she hears the mealworm tub being opened :lol:

Comb still nice and red, eating and drinking normally, laying down quite a bit, but it was a nice day yesterday and Hermy has always been one for a sunbathe :lol: The only thing I noticed when I picked her up yesterday is that she is feeling a little 'bloated' in the rear underside area. This combined with the lack of eggs from her has made me wonder if there is something wrong :? Crop feels fine too, nice and full towards the end of the day, soft and non tender, and then emptier in the morning. Aside from being a bit hunched at times yesterday, she's still behaving as normal. Here's a video of her today, along with a couple of pics...








What do you all think?


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Thanks for replying Dogmother...I took delivery from Marriages yesterday of pre prepped layers pellets with Flubentvet, planning on starting the worming tomorrow...but nothing visible in the poop! I did consider peritonitis as this is what our Ebony succumbed to, but Hermy doesn't feel oedematous or particularly swollen, just a bit bloated. Difficult to describe, but the way that somebody with a wheat intolerance may get an 'inflated' abdomen after eating bread...feels more 'gassy' than fluidly I guess.

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