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Murray Walker/F1 fans

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If you like F1 and Murray Walker...I met him yesterday.




I am not a fan of the term 'awesome' but yesterday really was.


I haven't got time now to post more but it's on my blog, with the pics of yesterday. I couldn't sleep with all the excitement of the day. :D:D:D


www.jaynetherapy.vox.com if you're interested.


BBx 8)


edited the post to make the topic clearer :roll::oops::wink:

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Seems a nice man....He even manages to make motor racing sound exciting! :lol:


I remember watching his "This is Your Life" yonks ago, and being very moved by the way he came over all emotional when his ninety odd year old mother sent a message as she was too frail to attend.


It was a very touching moment.

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He was so lovely, he was asking about how we choose a camera and how they are supposed to be easy and he can't use them!


He just can't retire and interviewed all the drivers for us, he works as an ambassador for Honda now! Have it on video, priceless :D



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