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How long does it take? The anticipation.....

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.....is too much! :( How long does it take them to lay an egg? Only Speckle, who we are fairly sure is in lay - she was at the breeders altho nothing from any of them here yet - has walked rather determinedly into the cube, and is currently resident in the nest box. The children and I are desperate to go and see if she has "managaed" anything yet but we don't want to disturb the master at work. :wink: Thing is, middle girl is off to playschool soon, then I've got to go to work at 1 so I simply HAVE to know by then!! :roll::lol:


Mrs Bertie

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Well, we had our first two egg day yesterday! Hermione spent 20 minutes in the nest box before coming out and laying her egg in the run :doh: it was even smaller than Speckles. Then 25 and a half hours after her first one, Speckle laid us another perfect little egg too! Trouble is they're so lovely we don't want to eat them :roll::lol:


Mrs B

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