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Base for run, bark chippings etc

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We gave up trying to move eglu to save lawn and now have it in a fixed place. We use bark chippings which we replace every 3 or 4 weeks.


Yesterday, was change day. The chippings were caked together with mud etc. due to all the rain we've been having, making the job very difficult (particularly for people with bad backs)


So, my husband has suggested building a wooden platform, a few inches off the ground (so it doesn't rot too quickly) - basically like a small piece of decking, and screw the run to the wood and filling with bark chippings(hence easy to rake out and replace)


My 2 girls only free range for an hour or so a day (thats all they seem to want - but thats another story!) and spend most of their time scratching around the run, rearranging the bark chippings etc.

They'd still be able to do this, but I'm concerned it won't be as good as it is now, being on the earth.


Does anyone have run on hard/concrete slabs ? What is on top of them ? Is this OK on their poor little feet/beaks ?


Anyone got any comments (particularly on decking idea)? I'm sure people have evolved good ideas for their runs over time.



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hazel, i'm sure your girls will be fine on a decked area, as long as you give them something to scratch around in. The only thing I would say is provide them with a shallow dish type thing to dust bathe in. They obviously won't be able to dig their own through decking. We use a cat litter tray, with a slight lip around the edge as it keeps the dust in!

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Hi Hazel


My girls are on concrete slabs covered in a layer of Aubiose and they dont seem to mind at all. They love scratching through the Aubiose which usually ends up in a big pile at one end of the run. I think the concrete also helps to stop their nails growing too long :lol:

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It does look great. I am definitely feeling inspired. Not sure if it is because of the terrible weather but seem to be moving our girls every day now and although the lawn looks good when it has recovered there is the week in between when it is a mess-and we will run out of new space soon.


Will get Husband on the case, should keep him out of trouble this weekend anyhow.


Thanks, Alex

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I can't cover run in plastic as they eat it - its not a money issue but I worry about them eating so much plastic.


Why not try corrugated plastic, the roofing stuff?










edited for spelling :oops:

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Why not try corregated plastic, the roofing stuff?


That's what we used Christian.


Also you can get plastic tarpaulins that have reinforcing nylon mesh in them -would the chickens eat that Hazel??


Thanks both - will look into corregated plastic and reinforced mesh.

I have no idea why they eat it anyway ?? can't taste of much ??

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