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Chicken deficient

Deficiency nearly cured

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At last! We've got a green Eglu arriving on wednesday and on friday I'm collecting four little Pekins to go in it!!! :D:D:D


I'm very excited, mixed with anxious mother-to-be worries. Luckily it seems that other people have already worried about similar things and had very helpful replies on here. The people we are getting the chickens from have been great too.


My other half has finally seen the light, (after a few months of gentle persuasion) - he even went round to the neighbours to make sure they'll be happy having chickens next door - we are getting a cockerel too - though i don't think that a little Pekin will be able to add much to the big cockerel three doors down that does proper REALLY noisey cock-a-doodle-doos!


Now I just need to think of some good names for them. I'd like to call them after herbs and spices.

I'm thinking Rocket for the cuckoo cockerel. We are getting a cuckoo, a black, and a black mottled hen. I'd like to call one Myrtle. Any suggestions for the other two would be greatly appreciated!


I'll post some photos when they are settled in, if it ever stops raining long enough!

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i have only just got my pekins - you'll love them! we have called ours Chocolate, barbarella and peggy. Do you know if they sleep on roosting bars like larger fowl? At the moment ours are sleeping in the nesting box....


I just looked at your photos - they are lovely! How old are they? Ours will be about 9 weeks when we get them.

I know Pekins don't do stairs very well, so they probably wouldn't like a cube as much as an eglu, but I think they're fine with roosting bars. The eglu ones are narrower than the ones in a lot of chicken houses, so should suit them better. Maybe they didn't have bars at the breeders - the ones I visited kept their little ones just on bedding.

I'll let you know what mine do!

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thank you we adore them already and we only got them on saturday, they are 10 weeks old. i've read somewhere on the forum that you should put a football in the nest to teach them to use the bars but thats seems awfuly harsh on them so young.

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