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Chickens in The Daily Mail today

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I'm not too sure myself Kate, they look untidy, and as for that one with the bald neck - un-natural!


I quite like silkies; they look so startled and daft :shock: .


That Cochin on the top left of the photo spread is exactly like a giant one that followed us round the Domestic Fowl Trust place last weekend - it was a bit intimidating when it started to run. Apparently they wer bred to fill duvets - so Phil referred to it as 'duvet'.


My favourite is the Polish golden laced hen; she is just fab! :D

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I saw that article and mentioned it in my blog


Loved the chickens but was a bit infuriated with the journalists.


The Mail has been making a huge thing about the bird flu - even gave Tony Blair and Blunkett a rest at teh time.


Now they have a some pictures of pretty birds, hardly a mention of the flu. :x


The media has probably scared so many people off chickens - that is why I wanted to write about them on my blog and I have heard of a few people now seriously considering having them.


Bet those chickens take a lot of looking after. But really cute.

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