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For anyone who is missing anything from their Cube delivery, a message from Johannes...


I think the best thing is for anyone missing anything to get in touch with us directly, either by calling 0845 4502056 or if it's more convenient they can email me directly at johannes@omlet.co.uk. If they put Cube in the subject it would be helpful. The new style glug is starting to come through although we don't yet have enough to send out the backlog but we will as soon as the production goes up and we know who is missing one so there's no need to call. I'm afraid this will take several weeks. I can of course understand peoples frustration it must be like waiting for the first



Phoning is definitely best if you are able to get through as the team have quite a backlog of emails to wade through. I know the lines are sometimes very busy but it is far better to speak to someone at Omlet HQ if you can.

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