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Befriending a leghorn - tips please!

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Hi, has anyone managed to befriend their leghorn? Ours is still so wary and flighty, she'll eat from your fingers through the run but as soon as you put your hand in she's off! I'm a bit concerned for when we let them out - how would I ever catch her? Two others are wary too, but they're both still young, the others are so greedy they'd befriend Hannibal Lecter to get to mealworms :roll:

Any advice gratefully received!

Mrs B

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Evening Mrs B!


Not sure about leghorns, but all chickens are dopey when its dark.....try taking her out of the cube when its really dark and just get her used to being handled. I found with Babs that if you hold them really close to you and kind of 'wrap' them up in your arms, they are much calmer.


Good luck.

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:) Good advice Christian, and I hope it works.

But, if it doesn't, don't worry, as long as she comes to you when you have food, you'll be able to train her back in without needing to pick her up.


It's not unusual for some birds to be nervy. I have never, ever been able to pick up my whitestar, other than from roosting or when she was ill. But, she comes near for food!


But the roost time handling will certainly be worth a try, good luck. :)

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