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Nicola H

New chickens

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Well the day before I was due to pick up some hatching eggs from Garden Poultry Bunty decided she didn't want to be broody anymore......... :roll:


So we went to Garden Poultry as planned and fell in love with all the point of lay birds that they had, they are so well kept and cared for and had such a lot of choice. After looking around and being shown the chicks we decided on a Blue Comet and a Speckled Rock, they are lovely placid birds and Emliy has already had a cuddle or two. I have let Emily name them and she has decided on Belle and Cody, Belle is a very large bird so lovely and fluffy, Cody has feathers on her legs and her ear lobes are a very strange colour very light purple I wonder what colour eggs she will lay............. :)




Belle the Blue Comet is on the left and Cody the Speckled Rock on the right........


The new birds have taken over the run at the moment while Ginger and Bunty get used to the idea, they went to bed together last night but this morning Ginger and Bunty are free ranging while the new ones are in the run I have left the gate open so they can come out but at the moment they are staying seperate by choice I hope they manage to mix together after a few weeks..........

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Congratulations on your new girls Nicola - they are stunning! our neighbour got her new hen from there as well last week and we went At Easter - they are really friendly people who have some gorgeous girls - i love their pure breeds but we wont fit more than 5 in an eglu I dont think!!! :cry: Love to know what colour eggs your bluebelle lays.........

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