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British GP- anyone go!

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Did you watch or go? Helly Welly you were there I think,so tell all. If you saw qualifying on saturday they showed a bit of Honda's partners day on TV, that we attended. :D


We're obviously supporting Jenson and Reubens (more Jenson :wink: ) and was most :oops::shock: to see Posh and Becks as guests of Honda, must have a word about that :wink::lol::lol:


Anyway fingers crossed for Lewis, bless him :D


Come on Helly Welly or anyone who went tell us about it! 8)



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um...... every time there was an ad. break I had to rush off and pick fruit/collect eggs/make syrup ready for the bees etc.... I missed a lot of the chat :oops: - then I had half an hour before the Tour de France started so dashed off to check bees ..............

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....was most :oops::shock: to see Posh and Becks as guests of Honda


She's obviously seen your jute bag buffie and doesn't want to miss out on the lastest fashion accessory!


Lesley,you're making me tired just reading about your dashing about between races!

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OH sister brought him walk around tickets for his birthday. We have never been before and thought that we would find a place to stand and watch the race, big mistake :roll: We arrived just after 11 and walked around for an hour and a half without being able to see any of the track :shock: The places that you could stand were about five people deep so you had no chance. They had some seating tickets left but they were £130 EACH :shock: So we came home and caught the last 45 mins of the race on tv :lol:

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Oh dear what a shame. I live about 3 miles from Silverstone & tried to get 'cheap' tickets but because I couldn`t sort out child care until the last minute it was too late and they were sold out. I am glad I didn`t waste £198! If ever we do go I shall have to save for seats I suppose.


We stood on top of our children`s climbing tower & had a great view of the Red Devils. Then we watched on tv instead!


At least you avoided the traffic by leaving early :lol:

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Sorry i haven't posted until now but i was sooo tired yesterday.


We were lucky enough to win tickets courtesy of Renault for the grandstand at Luffield, the last corner. We went down to my Mums in Hertfordshire on Saturday as she was looking after Abi for the day.


We stayed the night, well sort of, we left at 4am as we had to pick up our tickets from Finmere airfield which is about 12 miles south of Silverstone.


We were told to pick up our tickets from the Renault PitStop, little did we know that it was an actual pitstop! We had to pull in to the pits, made form cones, and stop at the lollipop. We were given our tickets, then the lollipop was lifted and we had to go to the next lollipop where we were given breakfast, bacon and sausage rolls. Then we moved to the final stop where we were given our lunches whilst having our windscreen washed. Then we had to wait for the five red lights to go out and a recorded voice told us to "GO, GO, GO"!!!!


OH couldn't resist a little wheel spinning getaway!


Our lunch bags were backpacks consisting of sandwiches, 2 drinks, 2 pieces of fruit and a packet of crisps. There was also a Renault cap which was selling for £20 in the circuit, a pull back and go Renault F1 car, four miniature magnetic cars and a lanyard so we could wear our tickets.


We left there at 5am and arrived at Silverstone at 5.15am, so we completely missed any traffic problems. We went and found our seats, then walked all the way around the track. There were loads of people there already, you really need to get there at 5am when the cicruit opens if you plan to sit on the grass. It took us 2 1/2 hours to walk around the track, you don't realise how big it is until you try. There were lots of stands to look at and a few freebies being given out, mobile phone holders and that sort of thing.


We saw the GP2 race and the Porsche Supercup race before the main event. We ended up having to buy a fleece and a blanket as we were completely in the shade and there was a cold draught. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone went mad for the Red Arrows and the drivers parade. We were secretly rooting for Kimi but, of course gave our appreciation for Lewis, Jenson and the Renault drivers, seeing as we were in the Renault stand.


It was the quickest race we have ever seen, it just flew by. We could see a big screen but it wasn't big enough to be able to see the track positions so after the pit stops it took a bit of working out. It was really different watching it live to watching it on TV and an experience we hope to repeat! The noise was incredible and it was just so exciting, especially watching Massa carve his way through from the back.


We left straight after the race and so missed any traffic problems on the way back to Mums. When we left Mums to come home though, we ended up having to leave the motorway as there were holdups from people still leaving the circuit, this was at 6.30pm.


A fantastic day was had by all.


Pictures will follow, i'm putting them on Photobucket now.[/img]

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