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Putting run together - HELP!

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Am I doing something wrong? I just can't get the two small panels to sit against the plastic of the eglu???? I thought this would be easy, I am fine with flatpacks but I just can't seem to get this to go together and it is driving me BARMY! Not helped by my toddler climbing in and out of what she thinks is her new playhouse :lol:

I have it on the grass so it is pretty flat. The closest I can seem to get the wire to the plastic all the way around means that the wire would overlap-which isn't right either :x Anyone else had problems-or am I just a dunce?

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I found mine quite hard too but it had been sitting around for a couple years before i built it and i have lost the fro skirt!

I found it difficult to work out which side was which but it was easy to manipulate ( bend) into place!!

Even though it is on flat ground it still seems to rise up at the front! :D:D:D

Hope this helps but not sure it will.

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Oh and are the bolts meant to go through the sections of wire where there is an extra bar (iykwim!) ?


I think so. Mine do.

I'm not sure what you mean in your first question.


Well..it seems to gape away from the sides of the eglu...and the instructions say it must lie flat. Hmmm.


Will have another go when littlun has gone to bed :wink:

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There's a small amount of leaway and the run is quite bendy. Me and OH tried quite a few times. :oops: You have to make sure the panels are symmetrical and you have the correct end over the eglu and the skirts may not lie flat even if it is right :roll:

It would probably be easier with 2 people.




The bolts joining the run to eglu on mine are through the second big gap at the top and bottom of the run, not the one with an extra bar through.

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Leave the two small square panels that are bothering you to the end! If you do them at the beginning, you will never get the thing together.


They have only just been designed as an afterthought to make Eglus safer. As far as I know, only myself and all the people who have bought new Eglus this year have them. They have only just been put into the shop.


If you shove them on when you have done everything else, you will be all right. They are not part of the original skirt design, and so will throw everything if you start with them. Put them on any old how at the very end.

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Thanks everyone - I did it! Chicklets have been evicted from my dining room (Yay!). They were pretty chuffed with their new palacial quarters :)


It was a bit of a struggle to get it together, but I think the problem was just that I assumed the wire had to be flush with the eglu as the instructions implied (not talking about those plate thingies) and whenever I made it fit it was overlapping badly in the middle. I actually found it easier to start at the top bolts than the bottom ones.


Thanks for all your help peeps :)



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I struggled just like you. The instructions are wrong. The bolts don`t go through the closer wires as the diagram shows. I also found fastening the outer layer of the plastic bit to be a nightmare. I couldnt get the metal through on the egg port side and had to tie string through to pull it across. It would have been much easier with a second pair of hands.


Well done on managing to sort it all out!

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