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Help with disability organisations

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I hope you lot can help.


I have been given a task at work of finding some disability organisations/charities who would be willing to take a civil servant for the day and give them an insight into how different life can be if you are disabled. I have found a few, including one which specialises in sport for the blind, and another that trains dogs to do chores around the house, and we have other contacts too, mainly the larger more national organisations.


Of course me being a little on the strange side, I am looking for things that involve chickens :D8) so am secretly hoping to stumble across 'chickens for autistic children' or something along those lines. I would also love to know if anyone is aware of an organisation which specialises in gardening projects and that sort of thing, as long as it is not too dangerous of course, risk assessments will be undertaken before any of us are let out of the office!


There are just a few criteria that the organisation (or charity!) has to fit and those are that they must be for the benefit/promotion of a particular disability and thay must have an office in the West Midlands, or just outside.


If anyone does know of any such organisations or even if you have come across them but not used them in any way, please post the web addresses, and I will have a look to see if they are suitable and contact them from work to see if they will let us visit them.



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