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Catch those flies - it really works

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Hubby brought me this fly trap the other week and I thought I'd share it with you, as it really works.


It's a plastic holder, you put the attractant powder in the bottom, add water, swish round and hang up. It gives off an odour which flies cannot resist. Once they crawl inside, they cannot get out thus breaking the breeding cycle. I was sceptical at first, as nothing happened, but within a day or so there were hundreds of flies in it. I've got 2, one for inside the run and one situated outside of the run in the garden. At first the smell is disgusting, but it wears off to us humans unless you go up really close, but the flies can still smell it


The company selling this has an offer on at the moment - buy 6 packets of attractant and get a free fli trap free of charge.


They can be found on www.flitrap.com And no I'm nothing to do with this company, just a fly free happy hen owner.


Edit; have amended the link so that it works, Sheila. :)

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I like the look of those flitraps. I think I'll try one for the eglu area and one outside the kids windows to prevent cluster flies coming in. As for slugs well they don't stand a chance in our garden with our girls, they fight over every slug in sight.

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I watched the demo (very sad I know) and I think it attracts flies upto 25m???


So I would think that would cover most peoples gardens and would also mean you could move it further away from the house rather than encouraging them closer to the house to go in the trap.......

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This product looks very similar to the Red Top Flytrap I bought a while back.


It attracted flies from miles away and when the dead flies started to rot the smell from the trap was sickening :vom: If the wind was blowing in the right (or wrong) direction you could smell it from the house.


Last year I didn't bother getting a flytrap and didn't get many flies near the chickens at all. This year there seems to be quite a lot of flies around. I would be interested if someone who buys a Flitrap could update on whether it works and if it starts to smell bad. I will probably buy one if the results are good and the smell factor is nil.

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