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When to change to layers pellets

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We were told by breeder that they should be put on layers when they start laying, otherwise it could potentially shorten their lives.


Also, you shouldn't eat the eggs until they have been on layers for a week.


Not sure how accurate this is, but it's what we were advised.



Oh my goodness, that's a bit radical! I wonder what the rationale for not eating the eggs is? Many thanks Tom.

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I think the reason is that layers is much higher in calcium and if they aren't using it then it can be somehow harmful -something to do with malformation of young bones? I seem to remember 16-18 weeks being recommended. I always thought excess dietry calcium could be excreted though - but I guess I will just go along with the general advice! I ended up starting my 2 on growers too early (6 weeks) so that is probably some terrible thing too! (it was that or purchase a 20kg sack of crumb for 2 weeks use!) GRRR!

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Thanks all. I can certainly see the benefits of not changing to layers until the last possible minute (if that were possible) to allow them to get the most benefit from the growers formula and not stimulate laying too early. And having an egg withdrawal period would make sense if there were antibiotics in the feed. Mine hasn't as it is the same make as the organic layers pellets used by omlet. Useful stuff! :D

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