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The Dogmother

Photoshop question

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After the debacle wiith my home PC, my Photoshop is acting up and I'm wondering whether any of you know how to fix it:


I can open up P'shop and drag photos into it, no problems, but when I double click on a photo to open it in P'shop, the program opens, but no image. I have tried right-clicking and selecting 'open with', but that doesn't make any difference.


Always used to work fine...




Any bright ideas?

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Yes I have Karl. It was totally messed up by a local IT company - they had to reload P'shop (and all the other programs) and it's not been the same since. I've trawled throguh all the preferences and am bothered if I can find the solution. If I go to the recent files list in the file menu then I can see images that I have used before when I dragged them in, but not the ones that I tried to open (unsuccessfully) by double clicking them.


Thanks for your suggestion. I can work round it, but it's irritating.

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I thought of that, but I don't have the disks.


A friend has kindly sent me the solution just now, here....




But having had so many problems after they destroyed both my HDs, I am loath to try it.. Guess I'll just have to put up with dragging images in to it :roll:


Thanks for your suggestions.

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As long as you do exactly as that says you shouldnt cause any harm to anything else.......


If you decide to do it, you will have to restart before trying to open a file again.


Theres too many bad IT companies out there.......Shame they dont go out of business quicker before they cause problems.......



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