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we had our first egg yesterday late morning and another a little earlier today

i was in work so i dont know if any give away noise was heard and i dont know which of our clever girls it was but i am a very proud mother again


our chickens absolutely love sweetcorn

they are getting through a small tin a day is this too much

should i be giving them anything else to help with laying

they are having layers pellets but i heard someone talking about mas and i dont know what that is


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Well done that hen :dance:


We have ran out of sweetcorn at the mo but I was giving my 3 girls 1/2-1 tin between them most days.

Although I have now bought a sack of mixed corn which works out a lot cheaper and they appear to love it so it's worked out quite well. :D


I don't know what mas is I'm afraid-hopefully someone else will know and enlighten us. :wink:

I give my girls mixed poultry grit to help with digestion and shell making.

Some people bake and crush egg shells and feed them back to their hens.


Have you eaten the eggs yet? If so how did you cook them?

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Congratulations! :lol:


Was "mas" a typo and did you mean "mash"?


It is basically the same as layers pellets, but you add water and serve it a bit like porridge.


Some hens prefer it, and some owners prefer to dish it up.


In my experience it is messy and the spilt bits get very smelly, and attract vermin.


Others swear by it.

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Congratulations on the eggs :lol:


My girls were on pellets when I first got them but they didn't seem very keen on eating them - when I switched to mash they became complete gluttons :roll:


Depends if your girls are eating their pellets okay or your might like to try mash for a change - it can get messy though so put a tray underneath the feeder.

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thanks for those suggestions, my girls do seem to be eating the pellets i am not sure now much because they spill so much


regarding the eggs i ate the 2 scrambled for breakfast before i went to work and one was a double yolker !!

they tasted wonderful, i was a little apprehensive i just couldnt believe that they would be the same as i have been buying from tesco for so many years and they had come from my own garden


i had another egg just after 8am again this morning only small but we have to start somewhere


just waiting for the other girl to start laying and i will feel like a real farmer ha ha



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