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yahoo mail probs?

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Hi Buffie


My Dad uses yahoo to email his wife in the states and I dont think he has had any probs with it.......


The problem with free email accounts is that they can have so many problems due tot he amount of accounts they have on their servers and the fact they end up on black lists all over the place, which then stops your email going through......


Couldnt you use whoever hosts your domain and have an email address from them, something like info@edtherapy.co.uk ??? Or whatever??? Would probably be much me reliable

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I think it sometimes looks better as well if your email matches your domain and some companies now block free email addresses......They will probabaly have a webmail option as well and should work nearly the same as yahoo mail or the option to use something like outlook.....


Im banned from doing stationary orders :( I get the :roll: and "why do you need that"........ lol

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I can't ban me :P


Yes Karl I'd already been thinking that now I have my website I need an appropriate email. You've just made my decision final and have emailed Oliver :D


Got to tell a lot of people but I guess I'll be able to have yahoo emails sent to my new email address?


Thank goodness someone (most of the forum) understands technology...unlike me :oops:



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