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How long for eglu (rablu) to arrive

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Hopefully getting more chickens when I can source a few :roll:


There are not many chicken places up here. I am keeping an eye on local ad papers in the hope a hobby breeder has some for sale.


I am tempted to buy an incubator and hatch some eggs, but wouldn't know what to do with any cockerals.

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Hi, I've got a week off work and want to order a rablu to arrive during that week.


Does anyone know how long they take to arrive so I can work out when I need to get my order in?


You could always 'phone Omlet & arrange an advance date to suit you. I'm sure they'd oblige with an advance order, whereas if you leave it, it would be a shame if delivery then took longer for some reason.

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Thanks Ali-s


That's quicker than I thought. I'm probably best to leave it a few weeks before ordering then.



I'd check it with Omlet if I were you, and even then it isn't certain - I planned my Cube to arrive during a few days off work, but then it was delayed due to flooding at where some of the parts are made.

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oh sorry to hear your cube was delayed Richard. I'll take your and Sheila's advice and give Omlet a phone and see if I can order in advance.


I find it is always a pest getting things delivered when you have to ensure someone is home. But I am sure for the rablu it will be worth it :D

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